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One Thanksgiving I ended up with a free range turkey and a regular name brand fresh turkey. Long story short, the difference in taste was overwhelming. The fresh turkey injected with antibiotics and other additives tasted almost rancid compared to the free range turkey. OK I still wasn’t convinced, so I bought some free range, not organic chicken, but antibiotic free chicken legs. Baked and seasoned minimally, I served them to my family. My daughter who was in middle school at the time said, “Momma, this chicken taste different, it’s good.” I knew what she meant, it had a clean taste to it. I have cut back on meat altogether since my husband became a vegetarian but I still have an occasional breast or wing, but when I think about all the chicken and meat I’ve consumed over the years, it makes me wonder what kind of effect it has made on my health.

A recent story from ABC News reported that over eight million women are having a hard time shaking bladder infections. Usually, the doctor would give these ladies a concoction of antibodies and send them on their way, but all of a sudden, there is the presence of bacteria that eschews all mortal attempts to kill it. Medical professionals call it a superbug. Pretty scary, huh?

Well, there is really no reason to be scared though there is a reason to kick in the door of Tom Vilsack, the head honcho over at the United States Department of Agriculture. Many are blaming the cause of this nasty outbreak of bladder infection on the cramped quarters in our “state-of-the-art” chicken farming facilities across America.

Americans eat too much processed foods and they get fat. The USDA tells them eating lean proteins is a great way to improve their health. The poultry industry takes that recommendation to the bank. They pump up birds with all sorts of weird things and breed them to have the biggest breasts possible. Demand drives prices up and the move works perfectly. Suddenly everyone thinks a grilled chicken breast is the key to a slim waistline and buy bags of frozen chicken breasts as a turnkey dietary solution.

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